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Using Kaseya to deploy LogMeIn

September 15, 2013 Leave a comment

Sometimes the VNC connection with Liveconnect just won’t work – probably due to poor bandwidth or maybe a plugin issue so I wanted to document a simple process of using Kaseya to deploy the free/paid version of LogMeIn to your agents so you have another method of connecting remotely.

I created a script that will download a customized version of LogMeIn and run it as the system to silently install. You can run it as a procedure to install on your agents which can run on the bandwidth challenged systems.


First you have to create a customized package using your LogMeIn account and download the executable version (this process is outside the scope of this document).


Next you use the script (above) to send the file, wait for it to be downloaded, run the installer, delete the install file and update the procedure log (we added a pause to wait for the installer to complete before we try to delete the file).

Finally you upload it to your Kaseya server and modify the script to pull the new customized LogMeIn file down to your agents and that is it. No more asking clients to run remote control programs so you can connect – if the machine has a Kasey agent on it then you can run this procedure to install LogMeIn.

You can use Kaseya procedures to so almost anything – we run SQL scripts, batchfiles, WMI scripts, the list is almost endless. If you have an idea for a script or have other scripts that you would like to share – feel free to comment below.

I hope you find Kaseya as powerful as I do and learn how to make the power of Kaseya work for you.

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