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I am a computer consultant in Toronto, Canada who loves a challenge involving connectivity. I am married to a wonderful woman (Kim) who has a bridal business of her own (http://valencienne.com).

I have almost 30 years of experience in the Information Technology field with a background in IT security (computer and mobile), systems architecture, disaster recovery and virtualization. I provide application security assessments for a variety of systems including mobile, web servers, infrastructure testing, wi-fi cracking, password auditing.

I am currently seeking more clients and entertaining contract and fulltime positions that can challenge me with a focus on computer security. If news of security breaches has you wondering if you or your business are at risk, please contact me for a no obligation consultation. We have monitoring services that will keep you informed and can determine your exposure or indicate any potential areas of information leakage. We provide outsourced services that can manage your network without the need for an onsite Administrator. We also provide a Virtual CISO service that can help provide your clients with the confidence to continue to do business.

If you would like to have the abilities of an individual who can work to resolve problems quickly and competently, works well on his own or can work with others, has a tireless work ethic and is professional at all times then I would love the opportunity to speak with you. If you are interested in a security assessment of your network or your mobile devices or just want to learn about any bugs in your software, I encourage you to reach out – it’s my passion.

For more information you can email info@the-techy.com.

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