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Let’s make Security everyone’s concern

May 11, 2019 Leave a comment

In what I consider to be a concise delivery of how Cybersecurity can affect all of us, this guy has gone in front of the Committee on Public Safety and National Security to tell our politicians why Security is important and what is at stake!

I have known Thomas Davies for several years and consider him well versed in Cybersecurity. He understands how the bad guys continue to penetrate our computers despite the best methods of network defence and has taken the time to share his perspective with our government.

I included this session from April 1 of this year and have snipped a few minutes of what was an hour and a half where many of our Canadian brethren helped hit home the message that ‘Cybersecurity cannot do it alone’. Gone are the days where the masked man on the white horse can swoop in and save the day because there aren’t enough masked men (and women) in our industry, anywhere.

We built a network of interconnected endpoints using a communication method that just wasn’t designed to be secure. We then built applications on top of those networks that were also not designed to be secure. Netscape came along and created a way to provide some security and here we are several decades later. (Not blaming anyone here but this is what we did and now we have to live with the consequences) 😎

My hope is that our government and other countries like ours, will come to understand that without the resources required to ‘try and keep the ship from taking on water’ our electronic commerce will be in jeopardy. It is only a matter of time before a major outage could occur as a result of a major cyber incident.

I am not sure any type of legislation can help us solve this problem in the near future but it might be time for our government to get involved before it’s too late.

Kudos to you Thomas Davies for being part of the solution. I am proud to call you a friend! (we are still friends right?)

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