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‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ is about the only captain that predates Kirk

May 19, 2020 Leave a comment

In what looks even better that the Picard series, who doesn’t love Captain Pike?

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Azure Sentinel Incidents KPIs | Managed Sentinel

May 12, 2020 Leave a comment

If you are looking to improve your security in Azure, I have a tip for you. The guys from Managed Sentinel have done a great job articulating the how and the why of security so well, I would even say that you will get some return on your Azure investment by following what these guys do.

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GoDaddy Confirms Data Breach: What 19 Million Customers Need To Know

If you were like some of my customers, you probably had a GoDaddy account to manage certificates, websites and even email. It’s time to start using a password manager and use ‘throwaway’ passwords.

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