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More virtualization updates

June 4, 2011 1 comment

Hey folks;

Have you ever thought of just how long it takes to setup a new XPSP3 system with MS office updates, IE8 and all the patching? Now don’t forget that M$ will be removing support on XPSP3 in less than 3 years so you will also need to think about updating hardware to use the new Windows 7 or 8! (Have I got your attention – read on)

Well I don’t want you to worry because Virtualization has made its way to the  desktop too! VDI is a way to boot a static image in order to connect to a terminal session on a virtual machine (wow talk about everything old becomes new again eh?). We have been busy setting up VDI in a box (from Kaviza) and using X2 (Virtual Desktop Server) to deliver and control a PXE image to boot old computers without the need for a hard drive. Kaviza has a VM that runs on the free version of VMware or Xenserver and X2 is free for a few clients.

We will post some statistics when we have more information but we have it working in the lab on some test systems. More info is available from and

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Virtualize your network servers and save

June 2, 2011 Leave a comment

We recently took a client ‘into the cloud’ and helped save them big money by reducing their carbon footprint in the server room. For the cost of replacing an aging server on old hardware we used a free version of Vmware ESXi to leverage their new hardware and put 8 servers on it!

We were able to replace about 4 physical machines with one piece of iron and are now running 8 virtual servers on it without any need for external storage. Best of all their staff and clients are reporting that the new virtual servers are responding as fast or even faster then the old hardware based ones! They can also count on a reduced heat contribution that is helping with the cooling costs and their overall electricity demand is down almost 65 percent. This is all due to the rich environment that virtual computing can bring to your infrastructure.

Contact me at to learn more about ways that I can help your business reduce it’s computing footprint and help increase performance.

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