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What you don’t know about your Smart Watch is alarming.

Okay so many of us have a smart phone, heck I think my 7 year nephew is getting one. For many of us who struggle with where to keep it, and for those of us who are ridiculed for bringing it out t0o often, you are think of or have already bought a wearable. There is a lot of power in these little Bluetooth devices that are an extension of our cell phones and there are so many choices are available. You can get a Tag Heuer for about $1,500.00 and the Samsung Gear S2 is selling for almost $10,000.00 but just how safe are they?

There are several studies underway that are beginning to reveal that they may be more of a target that our phones. An article by some researchers at Birmingham University ( https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/07/160706131951.htm) is helping to show that wearables could be responsible for giving away your hand gestures, if they become compromised. This means that you could loose information like your PIN codes or even your door code!


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