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Kubernetes – steady as she goes

Looks like the fine folks running the Kubernetes core have the results from an audit they did. As many of the infrastructure teams look to use this code to help manage clusters of computing resources, we would all benefit from learning what could possibly go wrong 😊.

Many of the recommendations in the report involve code clean-up, adding further testing and documentation, and making defaults more security conscious.

These basic recommendations would make it easier to patch and resolve problems when they are found.

It is important to note that there were five “high severity” findings that included problems with access control, authentication, timing, and data validation.

Here is a look at the big ones…

  • An access control bypass of PodSecurityPolicy
  • K8s does not facilitate certificate revocation
  • HTTPS connections are not authenticated
  • Time of check, time of use problem with moving PID
  • Improperly patched directory traversal in kubectl cp

Keep in mind that some of these have already been resolved if you are already using 1.15 branches.

The report is definitely worth a read and can be found here.

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