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RFID hacking for fun (and profit)

I recently received a new proxmark3 easy and began the fun of reader and cloning access badge cards. For those of you unaware of how these little while cards work, allow me to share some fun facts. The Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) Card are comprised of a coil of copper wire wrapped in a loop to create an electronic field. They also have an Integrated circuit (IC) embedded in them that is powered when the field is oscillated. Remember how rubbing your hands together creates static electricity?proxcard

This oscillating field comes from the reader and is tuned to a specific frequency that can be used to pickup a unique identifier from your card.

Near Field Communication (NFC) uses this mechanism and has a more dense command set which can allow it to utilize encryption.

We use RFID tags on most consumer goods to prevent theft and there was once an idea to embed these into pets and even humans!

proxmark3With a little computer know-how  and about $100.00 you can create a device that can be used to clone these badges in just seconds.

I setup my device to capture some data from my work facility with relative ease. Once stored (captured) from any card, the buffer of the device can now replay the signal to fool any reader.

I wanted to show you what some of the thinest cards would look like when they are scanned. The version I am using is a 37 bit iClass px D8L and it features the facility code and the card holder number (blanked out for security purposes).


Verifying the data from any card is as simple as issuing the command ‘lf search’. Here we can see the card number (known as the TAG ID) that would be registered into the security system along with the format length.

Now for the fun part – we place our valid card on top of our reader and issue the following command – ‘lf hid fskdemod’. This will tell you the TAG ID and will repeat quite a few times until it has sampled the modulated waveform.

Now we place a T5577 card on our proxmark device and type ‘lf hid clone’ followed by the TAG ID number. With any luck, you now have a cloned copy of your card!

Beware of manned security stations using newer technology, they will often look at the face of anyone who had their picture taken while being issued a card. Unless you look very similar to the person whose card you have cloned, you will surely be caught.

Next step is to setup a malware program on the security computer so that your picture is substituted for the card holder and our physical security challenge is successful. I wonder what their favourite website is to use when there is no one coming in and out of the building….hmmm. Nextime.


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  1. Jeff
    September 12, 2017 at 9:07 am

    Looks like the newer version has a slightly different command set;
    lf search – read the card
    lf hid demod – display the memory buffer of read card
    lf hid clone

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