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And now for something completely different…

Almost 35 years ago today Jeff Wayne prophesized about the end of the world as told by the great Richard burton in the musical version of War of the Worlds. Who would have guessed that the perseids meteor shower would be at it greatest tonight on August 12. (perseids-2015)

WaroftheWorldsFor those of you who have not heard the musical the story goes something like this…

“..at midnight on the 12th of August a huge mass of luminous gas erupted from Mars and sped toward earth.   Across 200 million miles of void, invisibly hurtling towards us came the first of the missiles that were to bring so much calamity to earth.”

Shout out to all those Armageddon peddlers – maybe tonight really does mark the beginning of the end of the world… End of the World

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