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Backing up with Hyperoo 2 is better than ever


I wanted to start the new year off by checking out my backup solution options. I have a license for Hyperoo and was able to contact support to get that license upgraded for the new version 2.0.


I love the new interface – it allows the user to connect to the client as well as the server component. (The server component is used to take the backup and the client version is used to send the backup). It is the same component that is started on the Hyper-V core OS from the “C:\Program Files (x86)\HyperooSoftware\Hyperoo 2.0\” directory using the command HyperooServerManager.exe (so be sure to also install the Manager component on your Hyper-V hosts).

You can now open the client console on your server without needing to open a remote desktop session to your Hyper-V server. You type the remote name of your server and click on the backup task that is active. When you click on the console tab you can choose ‘Backup Status’ to see a progress bar. (It would be nice to be able to see a projected finish time based on how many files are left). imageI don’t like the fact that when you click off of the status window and return after viewing other options that it only shows the current item.

Restoring a vm is now easier by connecting to the client and using the restore applet.

I would like to try the Live version to see how much easier it is to restore Clustered files but that will have to wait.

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